History and milestones
Cemit was founded in 2007, after the management units of the competence centers KMT (Medical Center Tyrol) and HITT (Health IT Tirol) merged and launched their own research management company. In the years up to 2014, Cemit focused on the areas of life sciences and e-health, based on extensive experience and an international network.

Extension of areas from 2015
The approach in developing projects, in setting up R&D strategies, in providingSymbolbild
consultancy services and in taking over project management follows a certain system. With the help of a broader network, Cemit therefore opened up and is now managing research and innovation from a broad range of topics.

One thing is clear: the customer acts as the knowledge carrier, but by actively supporting, we can combine, connect, advise and speed up the processes. Since 2015 we have been able to successfully support a lot of project ideas, start-ups and funded R&D projects in industry, technology, medicine and life-style.

Employee status 2019: 6

Leading Health Center GmbH (37%)
UMIT – The Health and Life Sciences University (24,9%)
MCI Management Center Innsbruck (10%)
Tyrol Equity (10%)
Mag. Wilfried Stauder (6%)
GemNova Dienstleistungs GmbH (6%)
Bionorica Beteiligungs Gesellschaft (4%)
– Prof. Dr. Günther Gastl (2,1 %)