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Period Project
type/ Funding

Short title

Full title
of Cemit
2018 Tiroler Digitalisierungsförderung TDF Support of 10 Tyrolean companies during the planning
phase and implementation
Project application, Project management
2018-2020 Interreg IT-AT CaRe Sustainable case – and care
management in nursing in the cross-border Region
Service provider
2017-2019 Interreg IT-AT PreCanMed Precision Cancer Medicine Service provider
2016-2018 Interreg Alpine Space INTESI Integrated territorial strategies
for services of general interest
Service provider
2016 – ongoing private Allergy Guide Webportal for allergy related issues Service provider
2016-2018 Interreg Bay-AUT QualiMeat Quality assurance and optimization
in the packing of meat
Service provider
2016 – ongoing private Oncotyrol GmbH Center for Personalized Cancer
Medicine GmbH
Service provider
2015-2018 Horizon 2020 APERIM Advanced Bionfomatics Platform for
Personalized Cancer Immunotherapie
Consortium partner
2015-2017 State of Tyrol/ TGKK TEHS Studie Tyrolean Endoskopie Hygiene
Surveillance Study
Consortium partner
2015- ongoing private Verein Kasse!forschung School meets research and innovation
in Tyrol
Service provider
2015-2016 COMET – FFG ONCOTYROL Phasing-Out K1 Center: Center for Personalized
Cancer Medicine GmbH
Service provider
2014- ongoing COMET – FFG ACMIT K1 Center: Austrian Center for
Medical Innovation and Technology
Service provider
2014-2015 COMET – FFG VASCage K project: Vascular Ageing Service provider
2014-2017 Public-Private-Partnership Stroke Card Post – Stroke Disease Management Lead partner
2014-2015 Talente – FFG Klasse Forschung! Research in Food analysis and quality assurance in
cooperation with Tyrolean schools
Lead partner
2014-2015 Land Tirol-
feasability study
NIR – QS Near-infrared spectroscopy for food
quality assurance
Service Provider
2014-2016 KIRAS – FFG ÖMun Quality criteria for the operational
ammunition of the Austrian executive
Lead partner
2012- ongoing Public-Private-Partnership ADSI Austrian Drug Screening Institute
Service provider
2012-2015 COMET – FFG ONCOTYROL II Center for Personalized Cancer
Medicine GmbH
Service provider
2012-2014 FP7 – EU Optatio OPtimising TArgets and Therapeutics
In high risk and refractOry Multiple Myeloma
Consortium partner
2012-2014 Talente – FFG Hört
Hearing is a Wonder – Complexity of
implantable hearing solutions from the research idea to the product.
Lead partner
2009-2012 COMET – FFG ONCOTYROL I Center for Personalized Cancer
Medicine GmbH
Service provider
2009-2011 GEN-AU III – FFG BIN Bioinformatic network Consortium partner
2009-2012 GEN-AU III – FFG reg. ncRNAs regulatory non coding RNAs Consortium partner
2009-2012 GEN-AU III – FFG APP III Austrian Proteomics Platform III Consortium partner
2008-2012 FP7 – EU TOLERAGE Normalisation of immune reactivity
in old age – from basic mechanisms to clinical application
Consortium partner
2006-2010 FP6 – EU GROWTHSTOP Identification, development and
validation of novel therapeutics targeting programmed cell death in
Consortium partner
2008-2009 KIRAS – FFG DNAtox DNA und toxin lc-ms Consortium partner
2007-2008 Femtech – FFG Gender II Enforcing women in science Lead partner
2004-2008 NANO Initiative WINN West Austrian Initiative for Nano
Service Provider
2006-2009 GEN-AU II – FFG APPII Austrian Proteomics Platform II Consortium partner
2006-2009 GEN-AU II – FFG ProCaP Prostate Cancer Proteomics Consortium partner
2006-2009 GEN-AU II – FFG ncRNA Non coding RNAs as ribo-regulators
of gene expression and their role in disease
Consortium partner
2005-2008 Regplus – FFG Bio.com.net II Bio.com.net II Consortium partner
2006-2009 K_IND – FFG KMT II Kompetenzzentrum Medizin Tirol Predecessor company
2006-2009 K_IND – FFG HITT II Health IT Tirol Predecessor company